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Lolita talk & rent.

Im getting stressed out. About a month ago I emailed Angelic Pretty Paris about my reservation it went through, it didnt arrive before they went on holiday Im perfectly fine with that. But now they have been back from HOliday for a week and still havent answered any of my mails with invoice details, asking for shipping costs ect ect. I just want to have this sorted out you see?
When they were on holiday I asked them if I could reserve the Melty chocolate stuff you see, But I need to know if it went through or not.. If it went through and I would get my first choice of the skirt, I would reserve Queens couch with it ( I want it more as melty but I asked them for reservation so cant back out from it...) So I would get melty, fantastic dolly and Queens couch, but there is another possiblity Ive got the Melty chocolate JSK and I wont be able to buy queens couch now. So I just want to know what i got so I can reserve or not... I want to know how much money ive got left, Im 16 I dont have a million of money on my bank to spent on lolita, its always counting my money to see what I can afford...

Enough rent?:P
SOrry xD
Any advice on getting a quicker response of them?
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Magical touch

Just because I though this picture of a Mushroom was so boring ( Ive taken the picture myself) I decided to edit it. Gosh I wish I was better at editing, but I kinda like what came out:)

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Day 2, at night

And there I am, sitting on some silly wooden chair typing my memories on Word because the internet keeps failing. The internet has been failing since 7 o clock, Im not likely to get bored while reading a book, but I fear my books will be all read soon.

Its funny, because I can already sense the fights coming. I don’t think my sis and brother will get along very well, neither will I and my dad. 3 weeks, one house, one family. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but when my family is around, this might be your worst nightmare.
My sis and brother are sleeping now, well, they are trying too xD I sleep in a room with my sis and brother now, I don’t really mind doing that but it still feels “different” I don’t really have my own space to fall back to when I feel bad.

Im having astma apparently. I got diagnosed with it last week, I don’t really know what it means, I only know how it feels. No matter how much you breath, the oxygen doesn’t reach your longs. Therefore I breathing really strong, which causes that my sister and brother cant sleep. So I have to wait till they sleep, If I want to go to sleep.

I know this is like the stupidest thing in the world, but I miss my boyfriend. He’s everything to me. I don’t even know how to express my feelings… I just hope he feels the same for me! Normally he stalks me with cute messages and aww-ing sentences, but he hasn’t in a week.. it makes me feel so lonely, because I need them so much right now. Im 1000 km away from him, I want him right here, right now. I don’t care how. I just want his warm arms around me and his voice to calm me down.

Boy I love you so much..I hope you will somehow find out.

Now! Up to the real stuff, this blog was meant to tell about my holiday, not about my mentalstatus or strange feelings! What have I done today? I ate lovely breakfast in some hotel called Parkhotel Leiser, we stayed there during the night because it took too long to get here in one day. We left at 9.00 Friday 6th of august. I cant tell you much about the car drive, because I slept most of it. Where I was, oh yea, breakfast! We ate there around 9 o clock in the morning, I cant really remember what I ate exactly but it was, fresh yogurt with fruits and yogurt from some little package, croissant, one with and one without chocolate. I didn’t ate tiny loafs of bread, I can eat enough here every day! And I ate cherries and blackberries and strawberries, actually I ate a breakfast for like 3 persons:P Ahh well who cares?:P I enjoyed it. But we headed back to the car and began our last hours of driving.

Im staying in some little village. Well actually there isn’t a village xD! Its just a few houses on a mountain, no church surprisingly! The nearest village is Steinach, which is about a 15 minute drive from here. I feel so left alone in the middle of nowhere, luckily I can see something of the modern society when I look out of my window. It’s the Brenner, which is a big road across the Alps. I adore it, it’s a beautifull brigde surrounded with pretty mountains. Oke, I will get tired of the view because I will soon feel locked inside the mountains, but common lets enjoy it when I still can;)

Have you ever eaten “pruimenvlaai”? Its really funny! Its like, sweet and very sour ! I kinda like it :$ although I don’t think many people will love it… I will find a picture when I will get my internet back, if I would ever get it back! I miss it. People. I am a girl brought up in a household which feeded (wtf is the past tence of that word? Feed fet fed ? XD ! I cant remember it, no internet to search for it, so please bear with me) well, I was trying to tell you in a pretty sentences that I was brought up with computers and internet, I just miss it.
Playing patience is really boring.. Ive been doing it all day long now.. Jurie has still not sms’ed me back.. I just want him xD! He he is more important than ( is it then or than? I feel so stupid now.. I cant even recall some simple grammar rules..) anything. I don’t freaking care if I got myself some internet or food, I just want him to be with me. Simple as that. You know, I wish I lived in the middle ages.. Things where simple back then.. Just work marry and get some damn children. I wish I could have that right now…

Im sorry for my hopeless talking, don’t mind skipping half of my complaints oke?:P
Goodnight people. I hope I can post this tomorrow morning..
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Day 2. Arriving at our stay

After 2 days of driving in something they call "STAU!" here. Which is just a row of cars on the highway not moving, while they should xD I arrived at our stay in Austria, somewhere near steinach, we are actually on a hill, just 15 minutes away from steinach, imagine! some little vilage is the closest people around! Im not a huge fan of being in the middle of nowhere, but ill cope with it. Its just a month:P

I wonder what we are going to do tomorrow? I guess just walking and walking...
anywayz! I had so much trouble with the internet here, I hope it works from now on...
after 2 days sleeping and sitting in a car with no sleep, and makeup or anything.
I look like this:

you'll get a new update tonight k?:)
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You know,
Meta has been like over the top sweet.
I really loved Blooming garden, but the colors didnt do it for me. Neither I liked jewel series or the cherry ones.. I was so dissapointed.
I tend to watch their designers blogs ones in a while.
I came accros THIS.
The black white stripes, and the little subtile print.
I know their fit is awefull on me, so Im hoping for some other designs as in jsk's or skirts.

gorgeous, dont you think?:)
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Help with german needed !! fast XD

Could someone please correct this for me?

Ich möchte etwas über Lolita erzählen. Ich denke das Sie wissen das ich die Lolita-Kleidung auch selbst träge. Nicht alle weiß was Lolita ist. Ich werde erzählen wie Lolita gewachst ist. Warum Mädchen die Kleidung trägen und was die bezeichnen von Lolita sein.
Lolita ist in Tokyo, Harajuku angefangen. Die Jugendliche leben da in strenge Familien und sollen von Montag bis Samstag. Sie trägen jede tag Schuluniformen. Mit die alternative KLeidung auf Samstag wollen sie ihr eigenen Identität zeigen. Von Gothic bis punk und pop Kleidung gehen die Jugendliche jede Samstag zum Harajuku Brücke. Da konnt sie die Lolita’s finden. Die Lolita Geschäften kann mann in Takashita Straße finden. [plaatje laten zien en zeg “Diese is die Takashita Straße und diese is Angelic pretty, einem Lolita geschaft”] . Sondern auch ist Lolita einem Schönheitsideal. Die japanse Schönheitsideal ist Jugendlich eraussiehen. Lolita ist eine Kombination zum Schönheitsideal und die neunzehnte Jahrhundert kleidung von Königin Victoria von England[das]. Beim Lolita is das wichtigste sichselbst zu Respektieren und sich wohl fühlen.
Lolita wurde am 1990 beliebt. Merkmalen[das,mv] wie Baby the stars shine bright, Angelic Pretty und Metamorphose und spatter auch Moi meme moitie fangte an mit internationale websites. Am 2000 steigte neue Lolita merkmalen auf, wie Victorian maiden, innocent world und Mary Magdalene.
Im moment haben wir ungefähr zehntausend lolitas uber der ganze Welt. Die meinste wohnen im Japan, aber ins America und Deutschland wohnen auch viele Lolitas. In dieser Zeit hat lolita sich sehr verändert. Die Lolita Merkmalen abfertigen jetzt überseeisch. Dadurch hat die Kleidung sich geändert. Zum anfang hat er allein Gothic Lolita. Das war Kleidung die viele dunkele Farbe hatte und sehr Elegant war. Die Gothic lolita änderen sich immer noch. Vom Gothic lolita zum Classic Lolita und Sweet Lolita. Auf die Einzelheiten von die Lolita kleidung komme ich noch zu sprechen.
Die Anatomie[die] vom einem Lolita ist nicht schwierig. Wir beginnen mit einem Glockige Rock[der]. Diesem Rock werd durch einem Petticoat in seinem Gestalt[die] abgehalten. Die Top von einem Lolita ist hauptsächlich einem Bluse[die] oder einem Weste[die]. Die beinen werden bedeckt mit Kniestrümpfe[die] oder einem Strumpfhose[die]. Die Bedeckung den Beinen führt zu das die Lolita versorgt ausseht. Die schuhe der Lolita sind auch wichtig, aber viele schuhen sehen gut aus mit lolita. Die meiste Leute tragen sogenammte “Tea partys”.{ laat plaatje zien van tea party’s]. In die Haren haben sie meinstens Blümen oder einem [strik??].
Meinem Lolita ist nicht nur Gothic lolita oder Sweet lolita. Ich möchte die verschiedenen Lolitas. Aber meinem favorite bleibt Sweet lolita in dunkelen Farben.
Dieses Kleid ist einem Sweet lolita Kleid. Die bezeichnungen sind das die Kleid kürzer ist wie normales Lolita kleiden. Die farben sind meinstens Pastellfarbes[die, mv]. Die Bedrücking den Kleid is normalerweise einem ausgestopftes Tier oder Blümen.
Dieses Kleid ist einem Gothic Lolita kleid. Sie sind normalerweise länger und haben dunkelen Farben. Sie haben meinstens religiöses Themas. Sie Bräuchen Farbe wie, Dunkel Blau, Schwarz und Weiß.
Dieses Kleid ist einem Classic lolita KLeid. Sie konnen alle Farben sein. Sie sind einfacher wie die anderes Kleiden. Sie haben keinem Themas. Sie haben meinstens keinem Aufdruck[der] oder sie haben einem Blümenausdrück.
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Is this a reasonable price?

soo, I really would like this:

she is asking 250€+shipping,
but I would like to know what the value of this OP was, and how much it goes for usually?
ANd, what would be reasonable offers? 200€ ? I just want to give her retail price, which is probably around 220€ or shall I offer something like 230€ including shipping ?