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The sweet life of Eilonwy

The stories about the sweet life

25 September 1909
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I'm 15 years old, Im going to highschool,im in the 10th grade(4de klas van vwo op middelbare)
im like different from everyone, the reason for that i dont know^^ i guess my interests are different XD most of the girls on my school are like, barbies,blond, and pretty, and very selfish o.O anyway, im not like that if you would think i was, i dont like talking about boys,looks, and all that stuff, i would get like bored in like 5 seconds? XD ^^ i like game-ing and stuff^^ even soccer XD and i like watching tv, things like VF and well alot of those things the girls in my school would say thats dumb XD I wear gothic victorian and lolita clothes, just because I like it, dont call me names by my appearance, im just who i am and do what i want

MY NEW NAME eilonwy is a character in a book, called the cronics of prydain, and she is a witch, a very sweet little witch, she likes to be very anoyying, and she compares everthing with everthing, and although she isnt always nice, she loves her friends to death. she doesnt care about what other people think of her, and what they tell her to do. she gets in trouble some times because she is that pigheadded. She thinks she is right, untill its proven she's not. Shes very brave, and not a girly girl at all^.^ She looks a bit like me because I really dont care about what others think about me. I love my friends to death, and I can be soo pigheaded, that everyone gets crazy of me. Im not girly, although, I love dresses, im like, a boyly girl, in girly girls clothes. I love wearing dresses to school, but act like a boy, fighting with my dresses, which could look stupid:P